My Perfect Holiday

With holiday season looming and potentially nothing booked with the family yet, I started thinking what would be an ideal holiday if I could afford everything and anything.

With the family:

  • Really good hot weather
  • Beautiful beach
  • Cocktails
  • Water parks
  • Lots of kids and other families
  • All-inclusive food

With the husband:

  • Good weather
  • Beautiful beach
  • Plush hotel
  • Good food and cocktails
  • Spa treatments
  • Lots of reading and sleeping

On my own:

  • Good weather
  • Beautiful beach
  • Lots of sleep
  • Lots of time to read
  • Good food
  • Spa treatments
  • Yoga and meditating

Looks like good weather and good beach seems to be a priority regardless of who I’m with or where I go.  I think the best beach I have ever been to has got to be in Cuba.  The beach outside our hotel was like white soft powder and the sea was so clean and calm and blue.  It was bliss.  Before that the best beach I had been to was in Dubai but I think Cuba has definitely beaten that.  My aim, for holidays is to find the next best beach!

Happiness is booking a holiday (2)

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