The surprising comfort of new carpets

What a start to the week – new carpets and Leicester win the premier league in football.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about football but right now I’m glad I live in Leicester!

It’s amazing how having new carpets in the sitting room has transformed so much and I feel more at home now.  I have my very own office again which I don’t have to share.  Even though I like the flexibility of working wherever I want, having a desk and chair and some bookcases makes me feel more settled and I feel I can get into a routine.  There’s so much still to do though and I still feel like I don’t know where to start.  I want to make a list but I’m even putting that off,  thinking it will take too long.

Well, I do need to do the following:

1.       Get up to date with work

2.       Finish doing change of addresses

3.       Sort out kids birthday presents for the next few weeks

4.       Get some net curtains

That’s enough to start with.

My attempt to stop shouting didn’t really work but I am more conscious of it and hopefully that will help me to stop and think about it before I shout.  The older daughter understands a lot more (when she’s listening) so sometimes I do just need to explain things to her rather than shout.  The younger daughter just bursts into tears when I shout and there’s usually no need to shout except that I am usually tired and ratty myself.  More sleep would solve a lot of problems I think. 

I’m going to create some star charts and hang them up somewhere and then instead of shouting try and incentivise/bribe them to do things or else they will lose a star or something along those lines.  I feel a bit guilty about bribing them but it’s got to better than shouting.  Ideally I’d like to do neither and they would just listen! Hmmm… Star chart it is then for next week. The surprising comfort of new carpets!


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