Groundhog Day Again!

So yet again we find ourselves in the same position that we were in last year.  We applied for three schools in this area with a hope of being able to transfer our daughter to one of the local schools around here and as if it’s Groundhog Day, we got three rejections.

I had hoped to transfer her during the half term holidays but at the moment we don’t seem to be having any luck.  The only hope is that someone leaves in the school near us and we apply at the right time to get in. We’ve asked the council and the schools about waiting list and how to improve our chances of getting in but everyone seems to think it’s out of their control. I mean, I do love the private school my daughter goes to but in the long run we can’t afford to send both girls there and it seems a little unfair to only send one, although that does seem to be the only option at the moment

We’ve reapplied for the closest school again with the hope of someone leaving. It seems like it will be a waiting game to see what happens.  I want to cry, scream, grab someone and say, ’What are you doing, just give my daughter a school’.  I think I even hate the city I live in right now and am tempted to leave the country for a better life and a better school.  Australia always sounds idyllic, Sweden are meant to have good schools, I even read an article recently about schools in Tokyo and I thought that might be good place to go to.

Oh well, like the girls favourite song, I guess I just need to ‘Let it go’ and stop worrying about it.  What’s meant to be will be, we can only just keep trying.


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