Moving homes

What a busy few weeks it has been! We’ve moved houses over Easter. I guess Easter and spring is a time for new beginnings etc so it’s a good a time as any to do this but once we had decided we wanted to move, it all went through quite quickly. For the rest of this year, we will be using this as presents to each other, for birthdays, father’s day and Christmas. There were several reasons for moving. 

Firstly, it was for our daughters’ school which has still not been finalised and won’t be until May.  Until then, I will still be worrying about the school.  Secondly, we have enough rooms so that both my husband and I can have a room each for our office.   Thirdly, we are also closer to the in laws who can come to babysit the kids but we can get to them easily as they get old and need more help.  The final reason and the reason we moved so quickly was that the person who was buying our house, wanted it as a second home and to avoid the second house stamp duty, he wanted it done before April.

This first week has been tiring and exciting.  The new house is a lot bigger than our old house.  Obviously, there’s a lot more cleaning and looking after but there’s so much more space.  I think we are both in a bit of shock that we have such a lovely house.   

However, just the last couple of days, as we’ve started unpacking and started getting used to it, I’ve started missing the old house a little.  I guess you get comfortable with where things used to be and how things work etc. and I’m sure I will get there with this house soon too.  We are also thinking of decorating, so some parts of the house we are not unpacking or taking too much out as we will have to move everything again, so we’re in limbo while we wait to finish everything.

The schools still need to be sorted.  Any school she gets in this area is a good school and it’s a lot closer to travel to then the one we go to now. But the not knowing is driving me nuts.  Once the older daughter is sorted I can then send the younger one to the attached pre-school. Come September, both girls will be going to the same, closer school. (I hope!)  I’ve noticed that even though the older daughter goes to private school, the pressure on teachers is still there.  Because parents are paying for the school, they almost feel like they deserve a better standard of everything for their daughters.  I suppose, that’s not unreasonable to ask for but with everything happening in the news as well, you almost wonder where the respect for the teaching profession has gone. 

Once the in laws are back from holidays, I know they will be over all the time.  This did take a bit of getting used to be honest, when we first moved back from London.  They would just turn up without warning. I am ok with it now and sometimes (only sometimes though) they are useful. Plus they want to see their granddaughters and I grew up with my grandparents around me so I know it is nice but it does involve a lot of tongue biting and secret eye rolling!


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