Yet Another Free Planner!

I need to get into a routine of some sort to stop getting tired all the time.  Most of the time if I’m tired, I can get by but with kids and their incessant demands and chatter and noise, I need to calm down and chill with them more.  The only way that is happening is if I sleep more.

Trying to get into a routine is quite hard when you are in the process of moving and keeping on top of work and everything else.  Regardless, I still keep dreaming about having a routine.  However, I’ve noticed that while I’m sitting at my desk working, I suddenly remember other things that I need to do.  Most things can be done at my desk, like online shopping, checking out bills that need to be cancelled or changed, post office redirection, checking emails. But the online shopping is one thing that I need to keep in check.  I start browsing and get carried away with it and I really need to keep a track of how much I spend.

The other thing I need to do keep an eye on is my diet and exercise.  Exercise I can usually do and keep up with although, I do know I need to increase it a bit. My diet, however, is atrocious.  I’m tired so I eat more sweet stuff (3 chocolate hob nobs this morning!) and then I have a sugar crash and I’m tired again so I need more food and it’s a never ending cycle.

So I’ve done yet another planner, although it is more of a checklist too to keep track of what I’m eating, spending and where my time is going.  I think even keeping a track will help cut it back as I will feel guilty when it is there in black and white.  Anyway, here’s my third free planner to download for this year!

Daily Planner


One thought on “Yet Another Free Planner!

  1. Our lives are very different Nisha. Yet, the challenges we face are very similar. As you know, house move is at the top of stress list. Combined that with children and earning a living, is bound to be hell.

    Carry on blogging. Your honesty makes them an interesting read.


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