Growing up

Without a trumpet or a party popper,
The last nappy fell into the bin.
Big girls’ pants proudly came on for the night
As the girls made their way to bed, with the usual din

Baby massages too have fallen by the wayside
As they are in too much of a rush
To fit in their last minute games
Before the imminent night time hush

Breastfeeding, babygros and baby toys
Have disappeared from their room
Pink beakers and baby plates are still crowding the cupboards
Not wanting to face their doom

Cuddles are in a rush or with tears
When the other one was not got her own way
Reading is attempted by themselves
After I have stopped them from some risky play

The garden has its own fascination
With picnic blankets and scooters
Pulling grass and flinging it in the air
Makes me run for cover behind computers

When did it happen?
When did they grow up and stop being babies?
And when will it get easier?
Or is life just full of maybes?

The girls are growing up fast and in terms of physical dependence on me, it’s getting less and less. They still don’t always sleep through the night but that is more or less it and to be honest, I almost don’t want them to stop needing me at night. It’s the best time I get to cuddle them. The rest of the time, they’re too busy doing whatever it is they are doing unless one of them doesn’t get their way.

Even though they are becoming more independent, for some reason, I still feel rushed off my feet. I was under some false impression that as they got older things got easier but I’m not sure when that will happen. There are so many events on at school. Parties, festivals, school trips and plays, it’s been non-stop with a splattering of homework every so often. Some of the homework is practising reading, counting and writing, which is fair enough, other things require internet research by me!

Hopefully, next term will get easier and we can get into a routine. I seem to be always hoping for a routine but that is my aim in life for one day!

Growing older is compulsory. Growing up, however, remains optional (1)

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