Being ill

When you have kids and work, being ill is almost not an option but when you are ill, something has to give.  I can’t really have a break from the kids so work has to give but when working from home, having a break is not possible.  So what happens? I just end up being ill for almost 2 months.

Ok, so I guess that’s not entirely everything that’s happening. We will be moving home, most likely by April. We started off the year with a funeral which for some reason still feels like its put a damper on the year.  Not that it should but I feel like I still haven’t shaken it off yet.  And so I keep getting ill.

Last time I felt like this and kept getting ill, I started juicing and making smoothies and doing more exercise which I have been trying to do but not really been able to be consistent with it. I know meditating, even for a few minutes generally helps too.  So that’s my new plan. I’ve got a new smoothie book, I’m going to start meditating and most importantly – KEEP POSITIVE!


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