The New Valentine’s Day

When you have kids, Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. I want it to be a reflect the celebration of love of the whole family not just romantic love and take a positive spin on it as there is so much negative things going on in the world that it would be nice to think positively for as long as possible.  As a couple we’ve stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day.  We’ve been married a long time and we happily declare our love to each other every day except Valentine’s Day. Not that we particularly go out of our way to not say anything on 14th February but it is just another ordinary day for us.

I remember our first Valentine’s Day before we had got married. It was the first time we had gone way together.  By then we were engaged and had gone out on lots of dates but had not gone away.  Husband had booked a spa weekend as a surprise.  When we got into our bedroom, there were roses and champagne waiting for us and it was all very romantic and very relaxing.

Every year after that, we started doing less and less. I remember one year (possibly the next year) we decided to go out for a meal on Valentine’s Day which we had booked in advance but when we got there we had to wait and then they only had a special Valentines menu which ended up being extortionate and not that nice.  After that we decided that we will go out the weekend before or the weekend after but not on Valentine’s Day weekend ever again.  Flowers and chocolates are also good the day after!  I think we’ve honed it down to just cards now.  With Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday this year, it’s good to spend time just chilling out with the family.

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