Winter heartaches

Just a week into the new year and my husbands grandfather passed away. Last year my uncle passed away in December and so now I’m starting to hate these cold months. This has been a fairly emotional month and it’s the first time I’ve been so involved in the whole funeral process. When my uncle passed away, he died while on holiday to India and as there was a lot of family out there anyway, they decided to do everything there.

I had never realised there was so much to do and so much to organise. I helped out as much as I could but as my two girls are still small, I tried to protect them as much as I could from the sadness and explanation of it all. Its strange how someone who is old, has had a good life, and you’ve only known for a short period of time can still have such an effect on you. It still doesn’t make it any easier.

In the midst of all this sadness, my daughter goes and gets herself a certificate from school for trying hard and doing well with her reading! Even though she’s doing so well at this private school, we have decided to move to a better school location. We’re still in the same city but moving to a different area with the hope of getting into one of the good local schools in that area.

So many plans and so much happening this year and I have all my new years resolutions of shouting less, being a good mum, working harder to fit in between all this madness.


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