My top ten things I’m not grateful for today

I’m not always usually an ungrateful person. Especially since having my two daughters and even though the day can be hard and tiring, I am grateful for them and everything that I have in my life but today is up there as one of the crappiest day of the year.  It’s only day 2 of the school holidays and its already turning into a nightmare! Here’s my list of things that went wrong today:

  1. My youngest daughter, broke a glass snow dome in the kitchen. Before I had a chance to tell them off, I took them up, got them showered and then cleaned up the kitchen.
  2. My grandmother fell and hurt herself on the head. She has a deep gash in the front of her head and has spent the afternoon in hospital.
  3. One of my mum’s best factory worker has retired today and it was her last day at work.
  4. I am tired.
  5. I went Christmas shopping. I hate shopping and prefer online shopping but there are some things that you just can’t buy online.
  6. My morning disappeared in cleaning and getting everything ready to go to my mum’s house for a few days. Something that I should have done the night before so I would have been ready and got to my mum’s earlier.
  7. My back hurts, I’m aching everywhere and I’ve not had time to do any exercise which usually helps.
  8. I’ve got a headache.
  9. My kids won’t listen to me and I seem to have turned into a shouty mum.
  10. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow!



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