Private school or not?

My daughter currently goes to private school and I think there are a lot of benefits to private school but there’s a part of me that really feels wrong about paying for education. My granddad is a big proponent of education but he also very much believes that if a person wants to learn she will learn wherever she goes. In terms of education I do believe that and going private school was not our first choice.

However, since being there I’ve noticed how much she has come on. Her reading has gone from almost nothing to being able to read well. Her writing is ok. She’s always been good at counting but is becoming more aware of numbers. Education wise it’s all quite good. Not sure how much different it would have been if she had been in a normal school. Thing is I will never know.

Other good things about this school is the class is very small. 19 children in the year split between three teaching assistants so they must get a lot of undivided attention. It’s very secure. There’s a gate keeper, security gates to go in and out and its very enclosed. It’s an all girls school. Not sure if makes that much difference at this age but it’s meant to help as they get older. Apparently. Some of the parents are a bit snobby and a bit posh but I’m sure that goes with any school. So regardless of the education, the security, the individual attention etc should all help develop them to be good people, in a safe environment.

My older daughter is a bit of a handful. In the first term she had already been called into the headmistress office for disrupting the class and not listening. I think she’s getting better in her behaviour and we keep repeating ‘the rules’ about what she can and can’t do at school or in general on our school drive but I don’t think we can afford to send her to private school on a long term basis. Every time I think about taking her out of private school and finding a normal school to transfer her, I get upset about what she will be missing out on. She’s already made friends that she really gets on with and they go on lots of school trips. I think the whole experience of going to a private school is good, not just for the education but it’s so expensive.

Anyway, at the moment, we have applied for a mid term transfer but we’ve not heard back from them yet. I’ve only got my head into wanting to chase them up recently so I guess we will have to see what happens. In the meantime, I think I need to stop worrying about it and spend more time with them.

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