Blogs Galore

I’m in the process of updating my blogs and getting everything all correct and up to date before I try and get more followers.  Who knew there were so many things that you had to do to get right?

This the first thing I came across was regarding pictures. See this blog about Photos.  What a minefield.  I think I’ve updated all the photos on my blog. I hope. Although, that’s still not a guarantee of everything being right.

The second thing I came across is regarding social media update status.  Apparently, if you link your blogs to any social media, then even when you do updates on your blogs, it sends out tweets. I had no idea until I re-read the link button. Any publicity is good I guess.

The third thing I need to work on is how to get people to follow my blog and how I acquired 300 followers from 24 followers. Well, I’m not going to worry too much about where the 300 followers came from right now but more would be good.

Finally, not really a point, but this is really hard work doing a blog.  If I do get into properly and get somewhere with it, it’s like a full time job!  There’s lots of courses out there about social media manager and even specifically about creating blogs.  I like writing and I want to do something with writing which is why I decided to do the blog in the first place. But I’m not ready to give being an accountant either so at the  moment, somehow I’m going to try and do both.

Anyway, here’s my quote for the week:


(Created by myself on canva!)



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