My cooking gripes

One of my aims of being a stay /work at home mum was to use the time to cook fresh, healthy meals nearly everyday. The only problem with this is that I generally hate cooking. The cooking part is not so bad but before you get to that, you need to buy the food, prepare the food, ie cut, peel, grind, wash etc. Then the actual cooking. Finally, all the washing up.

When I wasn’t working at all and had to sit down to breastfeed, there were so many cookery programs on, especially in the lead up to Christmas that, just by watching them I’d think I’m master chef and I really got inspired to cook. Ever since the days of watching day time TV have ended, the inspiration to cook has gone too. Even the cookbooks I have aren’t inspiring me anymore. I think I might have quite a few of Jamie Oliver books as he manages to make it sound so simple. Not one single one of Heston Blumenthal. Even though I did a degree in chemistry, the thought of having a kitchen as a science lab fills me with fear. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe cooking reminds me too much of my chemistry degree.

On top of that, my kids are still young and they are not remotely interested in the spicy or ‘something different’ foods that I plan. I do have one Annabel Karmel book, but maybe I need to buy more of her books for inspiration. Even though she specialises in kids food some of her books are as are meant to cater for the whole family which hopefully the kids would eat too.

Maybe I should quickly buy one before black Friday ends…

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