My Ideal World

Following on from last weeks blog, I’ve had a sit down to think about what it is I want.  For ages, I have wanted a job working from home so I could spend quality time with my girls.  I have two jobs working from home but I feel like I’m spending all my time working and then not actually spending any quality time with the girls.  I have been feeling like I don’t have the time to pause and think.  I do like the work I do but just need more time to do it.

Sometimes, I think I would like to jack it all in and train to become a yoga teacher or a meditation teacher but I don’t think I’m ready to take that on, as tempting as it does sound a lot of the time.

Other times, I want to be a child psychologist.  I swear my oldest child is borderline on behavioural problems but she can be so good so maybe I just need to spend more time with them.  Or maybe its her age.

Anyway, back to what I want to do.  Here’s my lifestyle list:

  • Work for the period January to July (6 months)
  • Have July to December off
  • Carry on working from home
  • From July to December, I do a little work, eg. the one of the part time work I have but then use the rest of the time to plan the girls birthday parties, sort out presents, celebrate Diwali, Christmas, sell things on Ebay and Gum tree, do repairs and decorate around the house and clean the garden up, spend some quality time with the girls.
  • Also, use this time to get up to date with my accounting work
  • Do lots of writing
  • Do lots of cooking

I know things will constantly change and I will constantly want different things but if I could earn a bit more when I am taking 6 months ‘off’, that would be amazing!

My quotes for the week:

“You may not like the life you are living right now but someone is praying for the kind of life you are living.” Steven Aitchinson

“Removing unnecessary stress and anxiety from your life is your living right. Don’t let anyone ever try to convince you otherwise.”  @HeterodoxHippie


Just to keep everything in perspective!

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