Private school dilemma

I always act like I’m a single mum. I’m always thinking about what if my husband wasn’t around and for some reason I had no family how would I look after the kids by myself.
The thing is, my husband is around, my family is also around and if I were to ever be in that situation, I do think we would cope somehow. Maybe I wouldn’t be an accountant and I would take any job going but worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet seems ludicrous.
However, I do seem to have lost focus. I don’t seem to have time to stop and think about what I want to do and plan for the day, week, the next five years. It stems from the fact that my daughter is going to a private school but we can’t afford to send her there for longer than two years. We’re so undecided about how to go about it and it seems every other decision we need to make depends on this. I need and want to spend time with her and help with her work, her discipline, her sleep, her interests but with the two jobs I just don’t seem to have time. And I’ve got a younger daughter who seems to get sidelined when it comes to education, reading, spending time with her. I really do need to give up the second contract and the internet and spend time with both girls.

Just picked up this book “Hands Free Mama” by Rachel Macy Stafford, which I have started reading before but read the first page again and really truly resonated with this again :


My new months resolution :
1. Start doing a little bit of exercise every day (half an hour)
2. Have smoothies for breakfast every week day
3. Try and do some meditation and grounding every day
4. Work better. Focus on what is important
5. Cut out mobile phones, iPad, etc from 3 to 7 unless needed for homework
6. Get organised and plan for the near future.

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