Almost forgot….

It’s Friday! I almost forgot to do this post! The routine I had planned went out the window this week. I had set my alarm clock for 5.30 every morning but only managed to wake up once.

Monday, I snoozed my alarm clock, it is Monday after all!;
Tuesday, my youngest woke up so ended up trying to put her back to sleep;
Wednesday – I went Bikram Yoga so I had to get up;
Thursday, for some reason I was awake at 2.30am and didn’t fall back asleep again til after 5.30;
and Friday, I woke up but didn’t do anything useful and just lay in bed.

Oh well! Start again next week. I can’t wait til the girls start sleeping through the night and stop being scared of everything in the dark. I feel a bit not with it to be honest. Bad news just seems to keep coming through but not ready to talk (or blog) about it yet.

As usual, I thought I’d end this blog with a quote:
‘Happiness is not a station to arrive at, but a manner of travelling.’ Margaret Lee Runbeck

One thought on “Almost forgot….

  1. I love your honesty.

    It cannot be easy to try and develop a good routine with small children.

    At times life can real you know what. I hope things improve.

    You keep the blog routine. That’s great. So not all bad.


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