Eclipse Day

I’ve started writing this in almost pitch black at 9.30 am as the eclipse takes over any natural form of light! I am interested in the eclipse but without the special eclipse glasses I’m too scared of it damaging my eyes so I’ve got the TV on in the background.

Starting to get into a bit of routine but its not perfect and while the girls are still small, I don’t think I ever will. I still don’t feel like I’m doing as much exercise as I would like to but I am fasting on Thursday which is, if nothing else, helping with my self control which sometimes spills over into the rest of the week and I’m not getting tempted to snack as much. Today I got up at 5.30 to do some yoga and it felt good and most days I’ve been naturally waking up between 5.30 to 6 so I’m thinking of making that into a bit of a routine.

I didn’t go to Bikram yoga over the weekend and I missed it so much. When I got back to class on Wednesday I felt like an addict, I couldn’t wait! At the moment I’m only going in once a week and the weekends if I’m free but with getting busy with work and changes in class timetable I guess I will have to be happy with once a week! I really love Bikram yoga and I really wish had more time to do it more often. I never want to stop going.

I mentioned I got my phone upgraded last week. The phone I got was Samsung note 4. I like the big screen and the big size in general and for everything except answering the phone it is brilliant. I just need to get used to have such a big phone on my ear. I don’t really use the note part as I have Evernote but I plan to download some kids films which should be useful in emergencies!

Anyway, a quote from my yoga (Mandy Ingber) DVD:
‘If I want to make a change in my body, it starts with a change in my mind’ or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Day

  1. Hello Note Buddy!

    I have Note 3, it is one of the best phones I have had. In time you will use the Note function. Just last week I had great fun with my 3 year old niece, drawing smileys, cars, chairs etc on the Note. The only person who thinks I am a great artist.

    I look fwd to getting Note 5 when it comes out. I have all Samsung stuff. TV, Tablet, Watch and phone.

    People always compliment me on the watch. It goes well with the Note. I got the Samsung Gear since it dropped in price. No regrets.

    Samsung bloatware is too much though.

    BTW typing all this from my Note 3 in StarBucks!

    Great that you getting into good habits. Good blog! It would be good if you carry on with your Friday blog.


  2. I am hoping I will carry on with the Friday blogs. All part of being in a routine!

    I might look into the Samsung watch. The price has put me off but maybe now I’ve got a new phone to match it, I’ll have another look.


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