Hello Friday!

It’s Friday mornings again and I’m blogging! So that’s 2 Fridays in a row. That’s got to be an achievement.

I’ve decided that if I really want to lose weight and have a flatter stomach, I need to really step up my exercise and dieting. No more excuses. So I’ve tried to incorporate a little bit of exercise every day. Thought I’d wake up early and do the exercise but the first day I did that, the girls decided to wake up too and then trying to get them ready for nursery and then do exercise didn’t really work plus because they woke up so early, they were grouchy too. So I’m still trying to fit my exercise as and when, no routine there yet.

The dieting part is the hardest part for me. I don’t even know why I snack sometimes. It’s just there, but if its not there, I still look for something else and crave for something nice to eat. The worst part is when I’m feeding the girls, I sometimes pretend to eat but other times I actually eat it or I eat their left overs. However, for the first time since I’ve been pregnant with my eldest daughter I fasted on a Thursday. I use to fast on a Thursday quite often before I had kids. I didn’t tell anyone I was fasting today. Part of me was like if I don’t fast then its ok, I’ve not told anyone and part of me was like, I might get talked out of it if I tell anyone. But I did it and I’m quite proud I did. I thought any ounce of self control I may have had, had gone since I had kids. Plus, I kept thinking I might faint if I don’t eat and that didn’t happen either!

Anyway, got a new phone so I’m off to play on that. Here’s my quote for the weekend:

“Risk is your only chance of really living. Safety is a fatal illusion; a slow-motion dream killer.” Bryant McGill

2 thoughts on “Hello Friday!

  1. In next Friday’s blog, I would love to hear about your mobile. What made you go for the model you have gone for? Any good?

    TBH I am interested to read a mum’s/ woman’s perspective on technology and other aspects that you are already blogging about.


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