Reiki Attunement

I went to a Reiki course recently. Not sure what made me do it and when I was there, I was reading other people’s story about how their life changed after doing this course even though they didn’t realise it at the time.

The course involved learning about Reiki and its history in the morning and then meditating before stopping for lunch. Then after lunch we had our attunement, and then we did some practicing on ourselves and then on each other.

I think the main reason I wanted to do the course was so I can help my daughters and husband when they are not well. It feels amazing and so simple that by placing your hands over them, you have special power to make them feel better.  Maybe it is all gimmick but it is one that I was happy to try out.  The meditating and grounding yourself sets you up for the practice and to receive the Reiki.  The Reiki then comes through you to your hands.  The attunement is where you are given the Reiki.  When she did the attunement on me, it felt like I had some sort of warm orange ball in my hand and my hand felt like it was heating up.  I almost felt scared to let go of it.  When we started practicing and I was placing my hands over my body I could feel the heat coming from my hands.  I’ve never had hot hands before so there must be something in the attunement.  Even the other girl I practiced on said she could feel the heat from my hand.

I am now in the middle of the 21 days of self-practice. Apparently you need to practice for 21 days before you are fully attuned to it.  It’s going ok but I have missed a few days and when I first started it, I became really ill.  At first, I thought it was the Reiki cleaning my body out but maybe I just had a tummy bug because I feel back to normal now.  On the days I do get to do it properly I can feel my hands feel hot so maybe there is something in that.

I’ve already tried it out on my daughters a bit but I can’t really say it makes much of a difference yet. Not sure what I expect the Reiki to do to them though.  In an ideal world, magically make them fall asleep through the night and then spend the rest of the day being as good as angels! I can dream!

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