This weekend we had a wedding and my girls were bridesmaid.  They looked amazing and did really well walking down the aisle especially the one year old!

Anyway, after that, the older daughter had a bit of a cold an cough and a tummy ache. So I gave her some calpol and we came home early.  We had another cousins 30th birthday and barbeque in the evening and my older daughter was looking better but I decided I didn’t want her to go to the barbeque. We stayed at home and watched some Peppa Pig while my husband and younger daughter went to the barbeque.

Afterwards, I felt that maybe I was being paranoid. She was just tired and only had a little bit of a cough and cold.  Just going to a barbeque wouldn’t have been the end of the world, especially if I was there with them.  Maybe I am being a little too obsessed with them? Maybe I’m going to stifle them with being too overprotective?  Hopefully, this phase will pass and has only come on because of what happened to my younger daughter, but what if it doesn’t?

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