Updates and a bit of Murakami

Love his books….

Book of words

Sorry folks for the lack of book review this week because I have been struck by this mega flu bug that has left me crippled in bed for many days. I am currently still recovering from the illness and have been unable to keep up with the comments left by many kind readers, so do give me some time to play catch up when I am feeling much better.

But last week, I was pretty excited to learn that the English translation of Haruki Murakami’s latest book “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Year of Pilgrimage” has finally hit the stores! I cannot wait to read this bestseller, with a million copies flying off the shelves a month after its release in Japan. The hardest part though is to resist perusing all the online reviews before actually reading it myself except for THIS article from The Atlantic that hits spot on…

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2 thoughts on “Updates and a bit of Murakami

  1. Hi Lilac10,

    I had no idea about this book. There is an audio version through audible.com

    I will try it out and see what it is like. Sounds good.


  2. I’ve not actually read this book yet, not really had time to read many books recently. I have read some of his other books in the past. They’re all slightly surreal. Hope you enjoy it.


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