Everything happens in threes

I did not have a very good start to this weekend.  It wasn’t life threatening news or anything like that but it did upset me.

The first thing happened when on Friday when I went to the dentist. I paid £18.50 for the dentist to check my teeth and tell me everything was ok. No scaling, no polishing and instead I get told that I might have an underactive thyroid.  It’s odd enough that the dentist tells me this but then it got me all worried.  My aunt had cancer of the thyroid and recovered, my mum’s on thyroxine so in a way I kind of knew that I might have problems in the future.  But I was hoping the future was still a long way, away.

Secondly, my youngest daughter decided to try some mouse poison at my in laws house! They were green mouse poison pellets, left by the door to kill the mouse but you turn around for a second and she decides to try it.  The word poison puts the fear in you but then after checking on the internet and the NHS direct line and the guy at rentokill who put the pellets there, even if she had swallowed it, it’s not life threatening.  Luckily, it didn’t seem like she had swallowed any and she had spat it out as it didn’t taste that nice and she didn’t have any of the symptoms, so we were very lucky, I think.  It’s not the first time she’s tried eating something that she shouldn’t so I need to start keeping an eye on her and what she puts in her mouth.

Finally, the news that did tip me over the edge was on Saturday morning.  I went for my smear test and got told by the nurse that she couldn’t see the string for the contraceptive coil.  It could be just curled up and stuck, or it might have got lodged inside of me or it might have fallen out. If it has fallen out, I could be pregnant! I’m struggling with two kids, I have never wanted more than two. Even, my second daughter I sometimes think I had her too soon but since it took me ages to get pregnant the first time round, I decided not to wait too long for baby number 2. Hopefully, the fact that I have an underactive thyroid means that the likelihood of being pregnant is low anyway but I really hope the coil is not wedged up somewhere. I do get a lot of backaches.

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