Breastfeeding update

I haven’t been on the blogs for a while as I have been attempting to get all the tax returns up to date before I start my new job.

My attempt to stop breastfeeding has happened. And I have stopped breastfeeding totally now.  For a few days I was a bit achy and had sore breasts and I think I leaked in the night too but I think its all stopped now.  My daughter also seems to be sleeping through the  night a bit better now too although putting her to sleep is hard work.  Tonight it took me over an hour for her to go sleep. I sometimes worry that she hasn’t eaten enough or hasn’t had enough naps or too many naps to sleep properly but once she’s asleep she seems ok.

Also, I’ve started putting both my daughters to sleep together.  My older daughter though has started waking up again in the night and always seems to look tired so I’m not too sure if that is a good idea. At the moment I have been sleeping with them so that I can sort of make sure that neither of them kicks the other at night and start bawling their eyes out.  I might consider putting two single beds in their room eventually but at the moment its easier (for me) to sleep with them together.

And now I’m in full swing getting ready for Christmas. I have a feeling I’ll be busy so I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and hope all their dreams and wishes come true in the new year.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding update

  1. I was wondering why I was not getting your blog updates. I thought you may be you stopped blogging here. I don’t know what happened but I was not following your blogs. I had pressed to follow your blogs when I discovered your WP blog.


      1. Thanks Lilac1 I thought I may have done something wrong. Great that I have not. Please keep up with blogging.


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