My attempt to stop breastfeeding – Day 2

So last night I was hoping my husband would be home to help out but it was ok because I did it!! I just about(!) made it through the night without breast feeding. So like yesterday, I rocked her to sleep while listening to music, at about 7 and she fell asleep at about 7.30ish. An hour later she woke up so again I rocked her to sleep.  The music was still on and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep again. A lot faster than yesterday which was a bonus. 

At 9.30, my older daughter woke up, so I had to put her back to sleep in her room. At about 10pm, I decided that I wanted to go sleep and lay down next to my younger daughter.  At a quarter past ten, my older daughter woke up again and I told her to come into my bed and go to sleep. (Not good practice for the long run but easy life for now). Eventually we were all asleep. 

At some point in the night, my older daughter woke up, ran out the room and started asking me where I was.  I said I was in my bed next to her and to come back. She was bawling her eyes out and in tears but luckily the younger daughter slept through all of this. About half an hour later, she finally settled and we went back to sleep. 

At about 2.50am, the younger daughter woke up and this time luckily my older slept through this.  The younger daughter started bawling her eyes out.  I switched the music back on and rocked her while sitting in the bed.  I think this is the time, the night before when I started breastfeeding. Last night I persevered and eventually she fell asleep. Not too sure how long it took her to fall asleep but I don’t think it was that long and then she slept til 5.30am. After that she was awake and hungry.  We went downstairs and got her some warm milk and then about 6.30, she fell asleep again for another half hour by which time, my older daughter was awake and desperately needed a poo!

2 thoughts on “My attempt to stop breastfeeding – Day 2

  1. Hey Lilacl, great you have this blog. I did no ideas.

    I will read all your blogs. I missed you on Accounting Web. Please keep up the blog.


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