My attempt to stop breastfeeding – Day 1

I am so glad that I was able and I did breastfeed both my daughters until they were one. However, my youngest daughter is now one years and 5 days old and still I haven’t managed to stop breastfeeding her through the night. I know its ok to carry on breastfeeding after they are one but I want to stop. Up until last night I was feeling fairly ill and didn’t really want to deal with sleepless nights. But last night I made the first step and gave it a go.

It took me three times from 7pm until 10pm to pick her up, cuddle her and rock her to sleep while she was bawling her eyes out. At 11pm, I decided to go sleep too with her. Then at some point between 11pm and 2am, my older daughter came in and climbed into our bed. Also, at some point between 11pm and 2am, my younger daughter woke up and to keep her quiet (and to not wake the older daughter up), I started breastfeeding the younger one. However, at about 2.30, I had to wake up and rock the younger one back to sleep anyway. And then from 3am to 7am, she slept. On my arm but she still slept!

I’m going to try again tonight. Tonight I will have my husband at home too, so he can deal with the older daughter if she wakes up and I will hopefully get through the night without breastfeeding.

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