A Mumpreneur Guide by Annabel Karmel

One of the best things I like to read about is inspiring stories of people (especially women) who have achieved amazing success against all odds. This book is full of motivational stories like this, starting obviously with:

Annabel Karmel – Cookbooks for healthy food ideas for babies and children at different stages of growing up.  This is where I first found out about Annabel Karmel.  I was all into cooking healthy nutritious food for my babies. Continue reading “A Mumpreneur Guide by Annabel Karmel”

The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

This book is by Helen McGinn.  I love this book and her blog.  Continue reading “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club”

The pursuit of Happiness and why it’s making us anxious

The Pursuit of Happiness and why its making us anxious – By Ruth Whippman

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There are lots of things I want to say about this book.  Firstly, I have seen lots of things on the internet selling courses on how to better yourself but I had never realised that the pursuit of happiness was such a big industry.  Secondly, I had no idea about the happiness work project by the shoe company Zappos or more specifically Tony Hsieh and especially not about the downtown project in Las Vegas.  Thirdly, I had no idea Mormons were so ‘happy’ and such a big community in Utah, although, they do seem to be happy by popping anti-depressant pills.  I do have the urge to look up all these three things just to understand the logic of it all. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever thought about happiness.  I do think about bettering myself but that’s as far as it goes.  Then again maybe its all part of the same thing, this inward thinking about yourself rather than thinking about the community in large or other people in general. Continue reading “The pursuit of Happiness and why it’s making us anxious”

My Blog So Far

In the next few months I’m hoping to update my blogs and try and make it look more organised.  Continue reading “My Blog So Far”

Thanks for the memories

By Cecelia Ahern

This is the first non fiction book I have read in ages. With a death in the family, the title seemed appropriate to how I was feeling right now and I thought it might help put my jumbled feelings into words.

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The Playground Mafia


This is my first book review for a book I received from Britmums.  Normally, I think once I’ve finished doing everything, I will sit down and read the book and I’m sure there must be some format to do a proper book review but as soon as I got this book, I couldn’t put it down.  I opened the book and thought I would have a quick review but as soon as I started reading, I could feel myself nodding my head in agreement.  The Hot Mum? –  Oh yeah, I know her at the school gate!  The Snooty mum – I know her too.  The Naughty Child mum – oh no, that sounds a bit like me – eeekk!  It’s so funny especially as my daughter has just started school and I’m still getting to know all the mums,  it’s easy to put a label on them.  Although, in real life once you get to know them, the snooty mum is not really that snooty and the hot mum is quite normal too!

It’s a nice pocket size book with a sketch of each type of mum (and a couple of dads) and a checklist of what to expect from that type of mum and then a little description or a little story about each mum and the type of cocktail they would be. The paralyser sounds about right!

I think these should be on sale at school gates on the first day of school for all new parents!  It’s such a funny book.