My kids favourite Indian fish recipe

My kids love this Indian fish recipe. I generally don’t like cooking much and if I had a choice between cooking and cleaning I think I’d prefer to clean every time. However, I do cook and as soon as I had kids I made extra effort to cook, especially with all the purees and weaning. Continue reading “My kids favourite Indian fish recipe”

Mehndi Night!

My daughters are so excited about the wedding this weekend. The first thing they were looking forward to for almost two months was the mehndi night. Finally, they got their mehndi done on Tuesday night. My youngest daughter’s mehndi really is beautiful. She managed to keep her hand straight and refused to take it off, doing everything possible to keep it on in order to make it last longer. Continue reading “Mehndi Night!”

My Top 5 Parenting Blogs

Here are my top 5 parenting blogs and why I like them. There are so many parenting blogs that its too hard to narrow down the best 5 but I have given it a go and these are my favourite mummy bloggers!  Maybe I’ll do another one later on. Continue reading “My Top 5 Parenting Blogs”

I’m scared to open my laptop

On Monday night, we stayed up until midnight to find out what the school admissions results were for my younger daughter. She got in to the same school as my older daughter which was a huge relief. We were both prepared for a fight and had a line of action in place if things didn’t go to plan.  Tuesday was therefore meant to be a day of celebration. Instead at around 7pm, the unthinkable happened. Ransomware had infected my old laptop.

Switch off the wireless

My husband saw it and immediately switched off the wireless on my old laptop which was the same advice I was given from work. I have a new laptop but I hadn’t got around to transferring everything onto my new laptop yet.  There wasn’t much left but because I still had my old laptop, even though it takes ages to do something I wasn’t in a real rush to transfer everything over.  Nearly all my files I save in the cloud, either on Dropbox for my personal stuff and google drive for my work stuff. It should be safe or so I thought.

Google Drive and Dropbox App

I’ve downloaded the apps so that I can save files on my laptop rather than having to keep transferring things or working off the internet all the time.  Unfortunately, by the time I went to check my laptop again 2 hours later all my files on Dropbox and google drive had become corrupted. Especially because everything syncs quite quickly when the internet is on. It thought I had lost everything. 

At work I have a shared drive too and I don’t know if I had corrupted anything in there too. I’m still getting over how careless I had been. I normally double check everything and I’m double cautious when opening something but I went onto a site that I trusted and I went to download a pdf file and it said that your adobe reader was out of date and you needed to update it. So, I did. Stupidly.

Recovering the files I had lost

Luckily, when I got in contact with Dropbox, they were able to rollback the files to an event that took place before the malware had infected everything. See this link for more information. All my personal files were saved.  I tried to find something similar for google drive which they don’t have but everything I used seemed to have been in the bin.  So again, I seemed to have recovered most of my files for work too and even in some of the shared folders.  The only thing I’m sort of waiting for is how it’s going to affect my emails.  Surely, that can’t be it?  Or if it is, wow, thank god for cloud and for saving everything online.


Only the other day, I read an article in the Economist about cyber security which can be found here and here. It talks about how people’s attitude to it is lax and how it is quite hard anyway to be completely secure. I guess that could be why I’m still waiting for something else to happen but on the plus side, it’s also been fairly easy to retrieve everything that I thought I had lost too.

The next day, it took me until Wednesday afternoon to open even my new laptop because I was so worried.  I didn’t want my brand-new laptop to be somehow infected too. I’m now trying to learn everything I can about cybersecurity.  Most of the time I rely on my husband to fix it as he works in IT and so he’s in charge of all IT related stuff in the house and most of the time that’s fine. But I do need to be a bit more clued-up about all of this myself. Plus, it’s such a big thing with kids online all the time too.




Still none the wiser

I’m still none the wiser as to what I am doing with my life.  I’ve written about it in this post on Accountingweb which you can read here: confusion-and-plans

However, since writing this post, I was driving down from my mum’s house at around 7pm. Usually, I can take it or leave it when it comes to driving however, this time I really did enjoy the drive.  The girls had both fallen asleep, (one of the main reason for driving home at around 7pm) and the sky was turning from bright yellow sunlight and wishing I had sunglasses on, to a red sky with orange streaks, to a dusky blue with strains of the leftover orange .  It was so beautiful especially with my favourite Bollywood songs softly playing in the background (another ploy to get the girls to fall asleep). Continue reading “Still none the wiser”

Changes and worries

As always, things are changing in our house and as usual I am in panic mode which means sleepless nights and worrying about things that are out of my control.  Everything always works out for the best in the end so I should just relax and let go of what I can’t control. But as a worry wart, that’s one thing I can’t seem to do. Continue reading “Changes and worries”

Infant Massage – A handbook for loving parents by Vimala McClure

I’m questioning my suitability of being a mum again and so all the parenting books are out and open but unfortunately none are finished.  However, I found this book which I have read twice and loved all the relevant parts.  When both my girls were babies, I went to baby massage classes with them and I was recommended this book by the teacher. 

Looking back at it now though, the introduction seems a little harsh especially regarding parenting techniques.  However, that is the only bad thing I have to say about this book.  There are so many massage techniques that you can use and are probably very beneficial but when you have a bit of an explanation as to why you are massaging the baby the way you are and all the benefits of this particular massage, it helps bring a sense of purpose to what you are doing.

This book has 15 chapters:

 Chapter 1: Why massage your baby?

Chapter 2:  Your baby’s sensory world

Chapter 3: Bonding, Attachment and Infant massage

Chapter 4: Especially for Fathers

Chapter 5: Helping Baby (and you) learn to relax

Chapter 6: Music and Massage

Chapter 7: Getting ready

Chapter 8: How to massage your baby

Chapter 9: Crying, fussing and other baby language

Chapter 10: Minor illnesses and Colic

Chapter 11: Your premature baby

Chapter 12: Your baby with special needs

Chapter 13: Your growing child and sibling bonding through massage

Chapter 14: Your adopted or foster children

Chapter 15: A note to teen parents

With my first daughter, I used to massage her every day, without fail after her evening bath.  It was amazing how it would calm her down and relax her almost in front of your eyes.  Doing this before bedtime was usually great for getting her to fall asleep.  As a baby she was a really good sleeper.  Unfortunately, trying to get her to sleep now (aged 6) by herself is a nightmare.  First come the excuses and all the important things she needs to tell me right now, and then come the books which she hides under the pillow and in the bed and tries to read for as late as possible.  It’s good to read but sleep is important too and the thing is I’ve been there and done that – reading under the duvet with a dim torch.

My second daughter didn’t seem to be too much of a fan of baby massage to start with.  She wouldn’t keep still when I would massage her and usually just end up massaging whatever part of the body I had in front of me.  However, I did start baby massage earlier with her and as she got older, she did seem to enjoy it.

Even with two girls, we did bedtime massages for a long time, even if some nights it didn’t seem as long or as relaxing as I would like.  A lot of my younger daughter’s massages were moved to the day time when the older daughter was at nursery and I had time to massage without worrying about being disturbed.

As they have got older, the massages have more or less stopped now and the most they get is a quick rub down with some moisturiser.  The other day, the eldest daughter started complaining about her legs and that they were hurting her.  This was in the night just before I was heading to sleep.  She hadn’t complained all day so I assumed it was growing pains and did a little massage on her legs then.  Again she fell asleep quickly and for a moment it felt like being a baby again.

This book goes into details of the techniques of baby massage on different parts of the body.  As the baby grows up and her wants change, it also shows you how to adapt our massaging techniques to suit them.  It also covers some very basic illnesses, like a tummy bug or a cough and cold and how different massages can help relieve the pain, even if it is only for a bit. It also mentions how massaging helps with bonding with you child and it is also good for fathers to join in with the massages.  It’s a very good read and I would definitely recommend this book to parents to be so they can be prepared for giving their babies a massage as reading becomes a luxury once you become parents.