Say my name

What I forgot to mention in the first post is how I came about blogging.  For us geeky accountants, there is a specialist accounting website called AccountingWEB.  I posted several blogs on there about how hard it was to be a good mum and still be an accountant and whether I wanted to work, stay at home, work full time, part time, for someone, for  myself and all my whingeing got me noticed and promoted to a featured blogger!

When I first started blogging, I called myself novice blogger because I had no idea what I was doing. To be honest, I still don’t which is why I’m doing this blogging 101. When I got promoted to feature blogger on AccountingWEB,  I got asked if I wanted to change my blog title and add a picture which I excitedly did.

However, as it’s an accounting website, I feel guilty blogging too much mummy stuff. It just doesn’t seem right and so I came over to here so I could blog about anything I wanted.

For ages I remained anonymous (I think) but with a little slip here and there, I don’t think I am anymore and I’m not sure if I mind too much. However, I still don’t have the guts to share my blog links on Facebook or Twitter or any social media websites.

Introduce yourself

I’ve been blogging for a while but I’m not very consistent. With it being a new year, I’ve decided to start again and see if I can come up with a topic to blog about.

If you have seen other posts on this blog, I’m a mum, an accountant and then there’s a section which doesn’t fit in to those categories. With it being the new year, I’ve also decided that I want to do another million and one things.

So firstly, I’ve been going Bikram yoga for a while and I’ve decided that I want to learn all the I can about each of the 26 postures we do. Not necessarily be able to do them perfectly but learn why we do each one and is benefits.

Secondly, I’m reading a book about wine and it’s so interesting and it makes me want to learn about wine. I’ve not really got a plan for that except read the book and do some of the things it asks you to do.

Thirdly, eat healthily and cook, juice, exercise more.

Fourthly, spend more quality time with my daughters. Play with them, read, do exercise, go out and teach them stuff.

Finally, and the most important, is to keep on top of tax and accounts and get up to speed on that and as I’m working for myself, get more clients.

So, this seems to have just turned into a new years resolutions list and it’s a day late so not a good start but I’m going to keep going and hopefully find something good to talk about (well blog about!).

My Obituary to my Uncle

Masaji came into my life when I was 6 months old with a big orange teddy bear, which I still have, although minus an eye and with a hole in the foot!

16 months ago he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and being a doctor you’d think that it’s not possible, that it must be some sort of sick joke.  How can a doctor get ill when he makes so many people better? And he was such a good doctor; he would be able to diagnose your problem straight away.  When my older daughter had a cough, within 3 minutes he said, there was nothing to worry about but she has childhood asthma, it’s very common and that she will need an inhaler for the first 2 to 3 years of her life and he was spot on.  However, it took me 3 visits to my GP before I got a referral to the hospital and then my older daughter got her inhaler.

He was good with kids and always wanted to join in with whatever game we and now my kids were playing.  He somehow had some sort of calming influence on my girls as I have a picture of them both fallen asleep cuddled up with him after I had given up trying to give them a nap.

He would always have lots of pens and little odds and ends like that to give you every time you met him.  During my A-levels, I said that the post-it notes were useful for revision. That was almost 20 years ago and I still haven’t finished the stack of post it notes I received from him!

Even though we all knew he was going to die, it still seems shocking.  How can he be gone? He was still young.  He was due to retire after working all his life.  It’s good in a way that he didn’t suffer too much, the way cancer patients can suffer.  It’s good that he got to fulfil his last dying wish to go to India, his homeland, the place where he was born.  But it’s still so wrong that he really has gone.

R.I.P. Masaji x

It is NOT a male dominated industry

Reiki Attunement

I went to a Reiki course recently. Not sure what made me do it and when I was there, I was reading other people’s story about how their life changed after doing this course even though they didn’t realise it at the time.

The course involved learning about Reiki and its history in the morning and then meditating before stopping for lunch. Then after lunch we had our attunement, and then we did some practicing on ourselves and then on each other.

I think the main reason I wanted to do the course was so I can help my daughters and husband when they are not well. It feels amazing and so simple that by placing your hands over them, you have special power to make them feel better.  Maybe it is all gimmick but it is one that I was happy to try out.  The meditating and grounding yourself sets you up for the practice and to receive the Reiki.  The Reiki then comes through you to your hands.  The attunement is where you are given the Reiki.  When she did the attunement on me, it felt like I had some sort of warm orange ball in my hand and my hand felt like it was heating up.  I almost felt scared to let go of it.  When we started practicing and I was placing my hands over my body I could feel the heat coming from my hands.  I’ve never had hot hands before so there must be something in the attunement.  Even the other girl I practiced on said she could feel the heat from my hand.

I am now in the middle of the 21 days of self-practice. Apparently you need to practice for 21 days before you are fully attuned to it.  It’s going ok but I have missed a few days and when I first started it, I became really ill.  At first, I thought it was the Reiki cleaning my body out but maybe I just had a tummy bug because I feel back to normal now.  On the days I do get to do it properly I can feel my hands feel hot so maybe there is something in that.

I’ve already tried it out on my daughters a bit but I can’t really say it makes much of a difference yet. Not sure what I expect the Reiki to do to them though.  In an ideal world, magically make them fall asleep through the night and then spend the rest of the day being as good as angels! I can dream! Continue reading “Reiki Attunement”


This weekend we had a wedding and my girls were bridesmaid.  They looked amazing and did really well walking down the aisle especially the one year old!

Anyway, after that, the older daughter had a bit of a cold an cough and a tummy ache. So I gave her some calpol and we came home early.  We had another cousins 30th birthday and barbeque in the evening and my older daughter was looking better but I decided I didn’t want her to go to the barbeque. We stayed at home and watched some Peppa Pig while my husband and younger daughter went to the barbeque.

Afterwards, I felt that maybe I was being paranoid. She was just tired and only had a little bit of a cough and cold.  Just going to a barbeque wouldn’t have been the end of the world, especially if I was there with them.  Maybe I am being a little too obsessed with them? Maybe I’m going to stifle them with being too overprotective?  Hopefully, this phase will pass and has only come on because of what happened to my younger daughter, but what if it doesn’t?

No More Teeth!

I want to write a follow up blog to this blog below which I originally posted on accountingweb, on 29th July 2014. I’m not sure I want to post the follow up on accountingweb yet though. Here’s the original blog:

I spent Friday night in A&E with my younger daughter, taking back all the bad things that I have ever said about her, even in jest. Mainly that she is too much hard work or that I had her too soon. I love her so much.

This weekend was meant to be a good weekend. It was my nephew’s birthday on Thursday and we went out to eat. Friday and Saturday we had tickets to the local music festival and had got upgraded to VIP. It was a family music festival. I wasn’t too sure what to expect so I thought I would take my girls along and see how they get on. Things were looking good. Then my youngest daughter had a bit of a temperature. She kept biting her hand so I put it down to teething. I took her to the festival for about half an hour but she wasn’t enjoying it so then I dropped her off at my mother in laws. I told her she was teething and left a bottle of Calpol with her.

I went back to the music festival where my older daughter was getting her face painted. She then spent the rest of the time there dancing and running around until she got tired and then about 9pm, we decided to go home. By then the battery on my phone had died and I had lost my spare battery (so much for smart phones). So, as soon as I got into the car I started charging it and started listening to the messages and then rushed straight to the hospital.

Apparently she had had a fit due to the heat. It was the first time she has had a fit. It only lasted a few seconds but that’s enough to scare anyone. I spent the rest of the weekend keeping her cool and checking her temperature. In hindsight, there are so many things I would have done differently. Like going to the music festival in the first place! But she’s ok now, touch wood and fingers crossed.

Last time she was teething, she had a nappy rash that spread all the way to her legs and arms and I had to go doctors to get some stronger cream to clear the spots. Obviously, she needs her teeth but I just need a break from them coming through!