wpid-2015-11-22-13.27.37.jpg.jpegHi and welcome to my blog. On this page, I decided to write a bit about me and how I got into blogging. My name is Nisha Patel and I am a coffee drinking, chocoholic, part-time, geeky accountant and a full time harassed mum of two young girls and a wife to an IT bod. I live in the East Midlands in the UK and since going on maternity leave, I have been struggling with my need to have a career and wanting to be a great mum to my girls and now also trying to keep fit and healthy.  Basically, trying to do everything in the limited 24 hours a day!

I created this blog as an offshoot to my original blog on a geeky accounting website Accountingweb. However, as it is an accounting website, blogging about being a mum sometimes seems like it would be a little too much information for accountants.

My blog was originally created as a place for me to vent my frustrations about the working world, my life or the world in general.   I’m hoping my blog will create a place where people can come to whinge and moan or resonate with some of the problems I come across.  And maybe even find some help.

Since starting maternity leave, I know I have wanted to do more than be a stay at home mum but not so much work that I am struggling to be a mum and pay attention to my kids.  Stay at home mums and full time working mums are brilliant. Everyone is different and I can’t commit to either of those so I’m trying to find a happy medium in between those two extremes, which in reality is probably most mum’s (and dad’s) struggle.  This blog is about my journey to get there, if I ever do!

I currently work for myself as an accountant so that I can have the flexibility of working when I want. I mainly do tax returns and bookkeeping.  If you do need any accountancy help follow this link to my work website – QA Accountancy Services.  I also do some subcontracting work for Aqilla who provide web based accounting solutions.

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