My attempt to stop breastfeeding – Day 5

Last night we stayed at my mum’s house.  My older daughter slept with my mum as usual and I slept with my younger daughter.  It was a different bed, different house, a different environment so I was a bit sceptical as to how she would sleep through the night.  My younger daughter fell asleep quickly which was good especially as she didn’t have a nap in the afternoon either.  By 7.10pm she was fast asleep.  But then she woke up an hour later and it took me over half an hour to get her back to sleep again. It was past 9pm when she fell asleep again. 

In the night she woke up once and cried a little but she fell asleep again very quickly.  Then at 6.30ish she woke up and cried. I tried to put her back to sleep but without any success.  She would lie down and pretend to sleep for about 10 seconds and then she would lift her head up and laugh at me.  It was so cute!  I gave up trying to get her to sleep and her took her down for breakfast instead.