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Hi and welcome to my blogs.  I hope you are enjoying reading my posts.  All the blogs I have ever written are under the heading blogs but I have also split them out into categories to make it easier to read the ones that interest you more.

The more technical and possibly slightly geeky ones are under Amazing Accounting.  They are mainly based around questions I’ve been asked about accounts and tax in general.

Book Reviews are my reviews of the current books I’m reading or I have recently read.  They are mainly non-fiction books even though I am a huge fiction book fan.  However, non-fiction books seem easier to review and currently I seem to be reading them a lot more at the moment.

Finally, for now, the last category is about my parenting woes.  No advice.  Just my frustrations or amusements or big plans I have for my kids. Plans are another thing which I have found that I love doing.  I love planning, whether things go to plan or not, it’s great having a plan and a list to keep me motivated! You can find some simple planning templates in the download section.

Thank you for reading my blogs and please feel free to comment and join in the conversations on any posts.  If you like any of the posts, let me know and share and tell everyone about it!

Hopefully, we’ll cyber-chat soon!


My typical desk when the girls are at home

My typical desk when the girls are at home!


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